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Volkswagen Of America, Inc has issued a recall for the Audi A4.

Description of Recall

On certain passenger cars, as a result of a problem in the production process of the ignition switch, the anchor point of the spring may crack. This could potentially cause the return spring force to be insufficient for returning the ignition key to the running position after starting the engine.

Severity of the Defect

This condition causes electrical accessories such as windshield wipers and headlights to become inoperative increasing the risk of a crash.

Audi’s Recommended Action

Dealers will install a new ignition switch with an optimized anchor point free of charge. The recall began on November 27, 2006. Owners may contact Audi at 1-800-822-2834. Note: this recall supersedes the remedy progRam under a previous recall (please see 00v317).