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BMW Of North America, LLC has issued a recall for the BMW K1200 Gt.

Description of Recall

On certain motorcycles, frequent short trips particularly during cold temperatures, can cause water to accumulate in the oil tank, and when the engine is running, escaping water vapor can condense on the oil tank air bleed valve. In freezing temperatures, this water could freeze and block the air bleed valve.

Severity of the Defect

It is possible that a pressure build up in the oil tank could cause it to rupture, allowing oil to leak onto the rear tire. An oil leak could cause a fire. Oil on the rear tire could cause loss of control.

BMW’s Recommended Action

Dealers will install a new oil tank cap containing a valve to prevent overpressure in the tank free of charge. The recall began on April 10, 2007. Owners may contact BMW at 1-800-831-1117.