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DaimlerChrysler Corporation has issued a recall for the Dodge Caravan.

Description of Recall

Certain minivans are being recalled that were originally sold in or currently registered in the 27 states plus the District of Columbia that use greater amounts of salt for winter road deicing. The up-front (uf) air bag sensors that contain brass bushings installed in these cars may corrode and crack allowing water to enter the sensor. These sensors provide enhanced air bag performance in certain types of frontal crashes.

Severity of the Defect

In one of these crashes, with one or both of the car’s uf sensors inoperative, the occupants will not beneFit from the enhanced air bag protection that these sensors would provide.

Dodge’s Recommended Action

For cars registered in the recall states, dealers will replace the original uf air bag sensors with ones with greater corrosion resistance. Vehicles registered in other states will obtain a lifetime free replacement of any uf sensor that fails. The campaign began on July 2, 2007. Owners may contact daimlerChrysler at 1-800-853-1403.