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L.k.i. Enterprises, Inc. has issued a recall for the Dodge Ram 3500.

Description of Recall

Certain lki enterprises, Inc. , brand name superlift suspension, pitman arms sold as replacement equipment for 2003-2007 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 4×4 light trucks. Due to inadequate heat treatment during production, the affected pitman arms may develop cracks in the upper splined attachment attachment to the steering output shaft. Movement between the pitman arm and the output shaft may deform splines, resulting in premature wear and fatigue failure of the affected pitman arm.

Severity of the Defect

Pitman arm wear or failure may lead to loss of car control, possibly resulting in a car crash.

Dodge’s Recommended Action

Lki will notify owners and replace the pitman arm, if necessary. The recall began on March 12, 2007. Owners may contact lki at 1-800-551-4955.