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Gulf States Toyota, Inc. has issued a recall for the Toyota Scion XB.

Description of Recall

Certain rostra precision controls’ speed controls may have a faulty module. These controls were installed by gulf states Toyota (gst) dealers or at their vehicle processing center on certain passenger vehicles. When the speed control on/off switch is pressed once to turn the unit off, the throttle does not return to idle. When the on/off switch is pressed a second time, the throttle will return to idle.

Severity of the Defect

A crash could be cause in the event that the cruise control does not allow the engine to return to idle on the first depression of the on/off switch.

Toyota’s Recommended Action

Dealers will inspect and/or replace the speed control module. The recall began on March 7, 2007. Owners may contact gst at 1-800-444-1074.